The Psychology of Colour

Some people are not so into colours. They prefer monochromes like black, white, shades of grey, full-stop!

For we who love loooooove colours, it can be quite tasking to merge all the colours we love without creative a garish monster of our space. Sometimes when we do match these colours perfectly, we wonder why we’re not getting the desired effect.

The infographic below by Painters of Louisville explains all about the psychology of colour to help us in making informed choices. For instance;

  • Red has been identified to help boost the appetite and can make one do poorly in exams
  • Yellow is cheerful and energetic but it makes babies cry!
  • Blue calms but it curbs appetites

Check out the chart below to find out more pros and cons of the colours you are choosing and the places you intend to use them.


Psychology of Colour [Infographic]