China’s cellphone addicts dedicated sidewalk to help reduce collisions

It is not so strange anymore to see cellphone addicts (especially young adults and teenagers) glued to the screen of their phones while walking on the road; chatting, surfing social medias, listening to music or taking selfies. This addictive behaviour usually causes collisions and a range of minor to serious accidents but these haven’t stopped the trend.

Cellphone addicts in China do not have to worry about collisions so much anymore. According to a report by Lee Moran of New York Daily News, cellphone addicts now have their very own sidewalk lane.

He reports;

‘Cellphone addicts in China now have their very own dedicated sidewalk lane.

Walkers who can’t bear to look away from their smartphone screens in Chongqing are being asked to amble into a special new 164-foot long stretch.

A thick white line separates it from the rest of the sidewalk.

It’s hoped that it will let pedestrians not glued to their gadgets travel as fast as they want on the outside of the markings.

Flouting the rule is not believed to be a punishable offense.

Nong Cheng, who manages the area in the city’s entertainment zone, said the lane, while humorous, was intended to prevent collisions with the elderly pedestrians.

“There are lots of elderly people and children in our street, and walking with your cellphone may cause unnecessary collisions here,” she told the South China Morning Post.

Cheng said the idea of creating the lane came after seeing a similar stretch of pavement converted in Washington D.C. by National Geographic Television as part of a behavior experiment.

She said that, at the moment, walkers were “not really” taking the new lanes seriously.

Many, instead, were simply snapping pictures of the signs and sidewalk on their cellphones.’