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The magnificent 2013 Solar Eclipse! Finally!!Australians looking skywards have managed to snap spectacular photos of an annular eclipse this morning. Eclipses occur when the moon's orbit moves between the earth and the sun leaving only a small ring of light visible...
NASA's Mars Rover takes on interesting hobby The Mars Rover cost $800 million, and relies on decades of research from hundreds of the top scientific minds to do research that could fundamentally change the course of the human race. Also, as pointed...
If you haven’t heard of the super-cool Google Glass, you are wrong!  Google Glass is a headset worn like glasses that has a projector for beaming images into the wearer's right eye, creating an illusion equivalent to viewing "a 25-inch...
I have always had a thing for fantasy novels and movies and one of my favourites is fantasy movie Avatar where Marine Jake Sully and ‘others’ journeyed almost six years in cryosleep to get to Pandora located some 4.3...
So My friends and I (and maybe you too) are tired of all the popular destination places; yesterday na Dubai, today Jand, tomorrow Yankee... some people wan go Iran sef! Well, not anymore as there's a new perfect destination...
Internet connectivity around the world has slowed, in some cases dramatically, in what experts have described as the biggest internet attack yet. The slowing of the web is widely believed to be related to an ongoing dispute between a non-profit organisation...
Computer networks at major South Korean banks and top TV broadcasters crashed en-masse Wednesday, paralyzing bank machines across the country and prompting speculation of a cyber-attack by North Korea. Screens went blank at 2 p.m. (South Korean time), with reports...
Buy Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers and YouTube views!!! I know for a few minutes there you thought I was actually selling (tongue out) but if you didn't know this already, BBC News Beat has found that you can buy 10,000 YouTube views for as...
Recalled Toyota FJ Cruisers to get vital fix In this news, Toyota has issued a voluntary safety recall involving about 209,000 FJ Cruiser vehicles to fix a problem that could cause the seatbelt retractors to separate from the body although...


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