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LG introduces water and dust resistant qualities to flagship phone. LG seems to be borrowing a leaf from other competitors like Sony and Samsung, by introducing water and dust resistant qualities to its next flagship phone. A South Korean publication ETNews...
Finally, Nokia has unveiled its first Android OS phones. The ‘low-cost’ phones -Nokia X, X+ and XL were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. Despite its adoption of the Android OS,  many Microsoft apps were emphasized. These...
(Reuters) -Facebook Inc's stunning $19 billion bid for fast-growing mobile-messaging startup WhatsApp sent shares of BlackBerry Ltd surging after the closing bell on Wednesday, as investors were cheered by the lofty valuation for the messaging platform. The deal sent shares...
Microsoft's OneDrive is finally here!! Microsoft has completed the transition of its SkyDrive cloud storage service to its new branding, known as OneDrive. Activated on  Wednesday, users of SkyDrive were redirected to the newly lauched OneDrive site with all their SkyDrive users'...
Google, though a giant company, showed the world that it isn't too big to be obey orders. The French authorities fined Google with a whooping sum of a hundred and fifty euros (over 33 million naira) for a violation of...
LG's new Curvy and Flexible Smartphone LG has done what other smartphones manufacturers probably didn't think of. Investing so much time and money researching the next best design,  LG came up  the G Flex, which has been referred to as the world’s first...
True Love Tester Bra will tell! Dear Horny Guys, If you think you have the usual (sometimes restricted) access to a girl's goodies, you have another think coming! Ravijour, a Japanese lingerie company designed  a quite interesting piece of lingerie called “True...
When a mysterious ‘jelly donut’ rock appeared besides Mars Rover, Opportunity, out of nowhere, NASA scientists at first came up with all sorts of theories, but now say it must have been dropped there by aliens! Cornell University astronomer Steven Squyres, the...
In a strive for immortality Tim Cannon, a software developer from Pittsburgh who describes himself as a D.I.Y Cyborg, had a huge electronic chip inserted in his arm by a tattooist , in order to monitor his body temperature . The electronic chip  which...
Have more fun on BBM!  This may not be news for old and ‘original’ BBM on Blackberry users, but it might be to the newcomers (BBM on Android and iOS). Spice up your Name, PM, Status, and chat by...


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