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This is a bicycle. The fastest bicycle on earth. I'm sure you are tempted to ask how is this a bicycle?, where will the cyclist sit? yada yada yada. Errr... I'll try to tell you what I found out. The inventors are a group...
Have more fun on BBM!  This may not be news for old and ‘original’ BBM on Blackberry users, but it might be to the newcomers (BBM on Android and iOS). Spice up your Name, PM, Status, and chat by...
There's a new dual-screen smartphone in town called YotaPhone 2. Oh yeah... you heard right! YotaPhone 2 features two screens; a regular LCD display on one side, and a 4.7-inch e-ink screen on the other (which is always on and never sleeps)....
Finally, Nokia has unveiled its first Android OS phones. The ‘low-cost’ phones -Nokia X, X+ and XL were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. Despite its adoption of the Android OS,  many Microsoft apps were emphasized. These...
Japanese Invents AgencyGlass There's hardly a day (or week) that passes by that a Japanese would come up with one weird invention or the other! A few months ago All News+ treated you to one of these inventions "True Love Tester...
A self-driving car in every sense! U.S. technology giant Google made a step forward in its push for self-driving car by unveiling a prototype without any manual controls. Google said someday its vehicles will be better drivers than many humans who...
LG's new Curvy and Flexible Smartphone LG has done what other smartphones manufacturers probably didn't think of. Investing so much time and money researching the next best design,  LG came up  the G Flex, which has been referred to as the world’s first...
An inventor's romantic proposal idea has come to happy fruition. It took months of work, but Ben Kokes crafted an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Julie, that would light up from within — but only after he put it...
Apple -no more shattered screens for iPhone users?! Apple's new technology is ray of sunshine to many owners of iPhones! Apple has developed (and awarded a patent for) a new technology with the aim of protecting fragile smartphone screens from shattering when...
Google, though a giant company, showed the world that it isn't too big to be obey orders. The French authorities fined Google with a whooping sum of a hundred and fifty euros (over 33 million naira) for a violation of...


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