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BlackBerry’s Q5 touch and type smartphone feels like a joke without the punchline. It’s cheap and plasticky, wildly overpriced (R5 000/US$420), has random bugs that cause it to stop and restart (I even got the bleeding blue screen of...
  Harry Kane's Google doodle bags a €5,000 scholarship Kids doodle and scribble all the time. But little Harry's doodle for google is quite a money-maker! Harry Kane is a six year-old a student from Bray, County Wicklow, who participated in 2015's Doodle...
Doug Engelbart, the inventor of the computer mouse and developer of early incarnations of email, word processing programmes and the internet, has died at the age of 88. By Michael Liedtke He died from acute kidney failure at his California home...
When a mysterious ‘jelly donut’ rock appeared besides Mars Rover, Opportunity, out of nowhere, NASA scientists at first came up with all sorts of theories, but now say it must have been dropped there by aliens! Cornell University astronomer Steven Squyres, the...
If you haven’t heard of the super-cool Google Glass, you are wrong!  Google Glass is a headset worn like glasses that has a projector for beaming images into the wearer's right eye, creating an illusion equivalent to viewing "a 25-inch...
Mercedes-Benz releases video footage of its G 500 4x4². The G 500 4x4² has a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine that produces 422 horsepower. With a height of nearly 7.4 feet and a width of almost 7 feet, it is set on...
All ECOWAS countries with the exception of four countries in Africa have joined the global movement driven by the International Telecommunications Union –ITU, to revolutionize broadcasting known as Digitisation. In a conference hosted by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) earlier...
San Francisco's designer Randy Sarafan has created a bra that can be undone simply by clapping. The battery-powered design uses an electromagnet that controls a switch which opens the clasp of the bra when someone claps nearby. He was inspired...
Twitter goes commercial: public testing of twitter's BUY button begins Twitter announced on Monday that it will begin testing a new feature added to its micro-blogging site which will allow users to buy stuffs on the site. This new feature, evident with a...
So My friends and I (and maybe you too) are tired of all the popular destination places; yesterday na Dubai, today Jand, tomorrow Yankee... some people wan go Iran sef! Well, not anymore as there's a new perfect destination...


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