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POTATOES, an alternative for power supply. Sounds like fabu uhn? Beats me too. For the past few years, researcher Rabinowitch and colleagues have been pushing the idea of “potato power” to deliver energy to people cut off from electricity grids....
Scientists carry out a study of 15,000 penises worldwide to find the ‘normal range’ of penis sizes It's no news that men check each other's penis sizes in loos and compare with theirs. This has been a cause for concern when...
If there's on lesson that needs to stick into people's memory, it is that you can't chase technology.While some people are taking drastic measures as selling their multiple phones or using their saving up to buy the Blackberry Z10...
This is a bicycle. The fastest bicycle on earth. I'm sure you are tempted to ask how is this a bicycle?, where will the cyclist sit? yada yada yada. Errr... I'll try to tell you what I found out. The inventors are a group...
Hello (amateur) astronomers. This NASA asteroids hunt offer is going to blow your mind! The National Aeronautics and Space Administration- NASA is offering USD 35,000 (over N5million) in awards over the next six months to citizen scientists who can develop improved algorithms that can be used to...
Heartbleed bug, internet's most alarming security threat ever Exchange4Media -A vulnerability in OpenSSL has potentially exposed millions of websites, including popular social networks, to data theft say researchers. According to an advisory by vulnerability defence firm, Codenomicon Defensics (one of...
LG introduces water and dust resistant qualities to flagship phone. LG seems to be borrowing a leaf from other competitors like Sony and Samsung, by introducing water and dust resistant qualities to its next flagship phone. A South Korean publication ETNews...
Japanese Invents AgencyGlass There's hardly a day (or week) that passes by that a Japanese would come up with one weird invention or the other! A few months ago All News+ treated you to one of these inventions "True Love Tester...
Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom unveiled a new video component for Instagram,the popular photo-sharing app at Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters onThursday. "This is the same Instagram that you know and love, but it moves," He said. Video clips on Instagram can be...
A self-driving car in every sense! U.S. technology giant Google made a step forward in its push for self-driving car by unveiling a prototype without any manual controls. Google said someday its vehicles will be better drivers than many humans who...


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