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I bet all mobile devices lovers would love this The GSMA Mobile World Congress in Brazil commenced today and is going to run till the 5th of this month! The MWC (Mobile World Congress) has lots of components depending on the type...
Mercedes-Benz releases video footage of its G 500 4x4². The G 500 4x4² has a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine that produces 422 horsepower. With a height of nearly 7.4 feet and a width of almost 7 feet, it is set on...
Apple -no more shattered screens for iPhone users?! Apple's new technology is ray of sunshine to many owners of iPhones! Apple has developed (and awarded a patent for) a new technology with the aim of protecting fragile smartphone screens from shattering when...
Watch Samsung Galaxy A5 unboxed Samsung Electronics has released Galaxy A5, the latest in its "low-end" smartphone lineup. Galaxy A5 is roughly priced at US$450 (as of today that's about N85,000), which is 40% cheaper than Samsung's flagship S-series. Despite its lower price, it still...
New species of fanged frog has evolved internal fertilization Scientists have discovered a rare new species frog in Indonesia that gives birth to live tadpoles which is unlike birth method of all other frogs. It gives birth to live tadpoles instead of laying...
There's a new dual-screen smartphone in town called YotaPhone 2. Oh yeah... you heard right! YotaPhone 2 features two screens; a regular LCD display on one side, and a 4.7-inch e-ink screen on the other (which is always on and never sleeps)....
Since its release last week, the new iPhone 6 reportedly raked in 10 million sales in 3 days! As if all the crazy memes about getting the highly-priced new iPhone 6 series is not enough. Proud new owners of the new iPhone...
Twitter goes commercial: public testing of twitter's BUY button begins Twitter announced on Monday that it will begin testing a new feature added to its micro-blogging site which will allow users to buy stuffs on the site. This new feature, evident with a...
POTATOES, an alternative for power supply. Sounds like fabu uhn? Beats me too. For the past few years, researcher Rabinowitch and colleagues have been pushing the idea of “potato power” to deliver energy to people cut off from electricity grids....
A self-driving car in every sense! U.S. technology giant Google made a step forward in its push for self-driving car by unveiling a prototype without any manual controls. Google said someday its vehicles will be better drivers than many humans who...


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