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Casual Sex vs Casual Love So two weeks ago, I was visiting Adekemisola's Blog when a particular post title caught my eye. It is titled Casual Sex vs Casual Love. Before I could complete my double take, I had already clicked the link to read. Right...
Does faking orgasm really shows our satisfaction in bed? Daily Mail- Honesty is the best policy in the bedroom, it seems. Research shows that we are extremely adept at judging how satisfied our other half is with their sex life. The same...
Valentines Day is right around the corner! Men, get your wallets out, and ladies, get your … beds ready? A recent survey reveals that men prefer not chocolate, candy or teddy bears — but sex on Valentines Day! (Oh my!) On...
1. "Don't worry. He's out there." Here's the thing about being a single woman. Pretty much nobody will ever believe that you're okay with being female and unattached, let alone believe that you might be happy about it. I have lots...
When it comes to Sex, men are notorious for making themselves sound like gods but new research shows they are actually becoming rather modest. Men have rated themselves, on average, a six in the sack, whereas women have rated men’s performance...
Look, we're not all that difficult to please. You’re far better looking than we are (men and women both know that, so no one's fooled). However, just because we're way overmatched doesn’t mean you can just coast through this...
Remember all that Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus talk? Sometimes the language barrier between men and women really does make it look like we’re from different planets. Luckily we’ve decoded 10 of our common guy phrases,...
Secret tips to kinky sex Everyone has a secret kink: BDSM, orgies, some even get off on watching their partner eat their come off a hamburger like a condiment. For those in supportive and communicative relationships, such fantasies are discussed and...
Relationships and its many definitions Standing at a bus-stop sometime ago with other commuters, I saw a man in his fifties coming out of a boutique with his arms around a girl whose arms were laden with overflowing shopping bags...


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