The reviews for “Bling Ring” have poured in since its’ premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. So what have the fans got to say about Sofia Coppola’s take on the film remake? Well, everyone loves the film particularly Emma Watson’s bad side as well.

Watson has truly bid adieu to her good girl image, Hermione Granger of “Harry Potter“. A few film critics barely agree with actresses making a bold career move from good to bad girl. Yet, Watson has earned quite the nod from film critics with her portrayal of Nikki in Sofia Coppola’s film remake of “The Bling Ring” From pole dancing to smoking heroine, Watson played the role pretty well.

Here are a few reviews on Emma Watson’s performance:

“Much creepy attention has been lavished on photos doing the rounds of Emma Watson pole dancing in The Bling Ring. But the real story here isn’t the good-girl-goes-bad stunt casting; it’s that Watson can act. Against the odds, the Harry Potter star gives a sharp, knowing smart performance as Nicki,” -Time Out.

“Watson plays grown up and f**ked up and does a decent job of it,” -Total Film.

The film has amassed quite a lot of great reviews at the film festival. Rarely does a film get four stars of approval at the Cannes but “Bling Ring” proved oh-so differently. Fans of “Bling Ring” better mark those calendars because the movie sets out to hit theatres on June 18 in the US and July 5 in the UK.