When you hear the name Bill Cosby, you will probably remember him as that cuddly type funny grandpa (depending on the generation you were born in) who just has a way with kids.

Over the years, there have been shocking and unbelievable rumors of Bill Cosby sexually assaulting a number of women, all of which were swept under the carpet of settled out of court.

Stand Up Comedian, Hannibal Buress probably didn’t know that he would trigger a floodgate of 30 years of bottled up pain when he called Bill Cosby a serial rapist at a recent show, wondering why he is still a much loved American figure even after being accused of rape by 13 women.


On hearing Hannibal Buress call Bill Cosby a rapist, Barbara Bowman was so happy. She finally had an opportunity to reveal the years of sexual abuse and drugging that Bill Cosby had put her through when she was 17.

‘I’m finally revealing all of my full story in hopes that others will learn to read the tell-tale signs of abuse and not wait as long as I did. No one believed me for years. They said Bill would never do that. That it was preposterous. But I’m putting my name out there and standing behind these words, just like Burress. No more code of silence.’ -Barbara Bowman

Sharing her story exclusively with DailyMail, Barbara Bowman revealed:

How Barbara met Bill Cosby

‘I was studying acting when my agent told me Mr Cosby was scouting for young talent and that I’d have a shot to be groomed by him personally. I was eager to please. This could be my big break.

‘The first thing Mr. Cosby said when he met me in the conference room was, “I want you to go in the bathroom and wet your hair…then sit in this chair, shut your eyes and do an improvisation exercise with me.”

‘He wanted me to act completely drunk, wasted, while he stood behind me and stroked my neck and upper chest. He didn’t touch me beyond that, on that day, but that’s where it certainly started.

‘Even though it felt off to do the exercise, I gave it my all. I’d learned from years of acting classes that I had to take direction. After all, I was in the presence of the most powerful man in America at that time. Dr Huxtable chose me!

How Bill Cosby treated her like royalty

‘He flew me to Lake Tahoe to attend the John Denver Celebrity Ski Classic. He arranged for me to see Broadway shows in New York. He brought me to Hilton Head, South Carolina, to watch him perform and attend a star-studded golf tournament. He said it was all part of his assessment to see if I was worth mentoring and grooming. He wanted to see how I handled myself around celebrities.’

‘I got the royal treatment. I’d fly to wherever he was. I was met at the baggage claim curb by his right-hand man. Then, I’d be handed off to Bill’s bodyguard, who would take care of me until Bill was ready to see me. I was always met by one of his men. I was never alone.

‘He started working on my head right away. He knew I had no father figure in my life. He knew that. yes, I was an independent girl, but he knew I was vulnerable and alone inside. He coerced and manipulated me into trusting him. He insisted I give into him 100 percent.’

“Trust me like I was your father” -Bill Cosby

‘He told me over and over again, “Trust me like I was your father.”

‘He zeroed in on that like a laser beam.’My mother totally trusted him, too. She would have never let me into dangerous hands. She sent me off with her blessings. She wanted me to have these opportunities.’

‘Bill would say that he needed to guide me, and that I must trust him. When he’d fill me in on my next itinerary to meet him, he would say, “You’re not going to fight me this time, are you?” He’d remind me that if I was going to be a successful actress, I’d have to break down my barriers and “learn to be vulnerable.”

‘I knew something was wrong, that this was a twisted situation, but if I resisted, I was failing him and failing my good fortune. He was a pot of gold and I needed to take good care of it.’

'Bill Cosby raped me' -Barbara Bowman
An excerpt from teenage Barbara Bowman’s diary written on July 14, 1990. photo source: DailyMail

One day in Bill Cosby house

‘He invited me to his New York brownstone for dinner. Staff was there. We ate in the kitchen. I had one glass of red wine with dinner. My next recollection is me, coming to, slumped over the toilet bowl, throwing up. I was wearing a man’s white t-shirt and my panties.

‘The t-shirt was not mine. Bill was standing over me, holding my hair out of my face as I threw up. I had no idea how I’d gotten there. I’d had one glass of wine with dinner. He was trying to soothe me with his words, “It will be okay. It’s okay.”

‘By the time I came to, the staff was gone. No one in the house but us. And as the fogginess lifted, he escorted me to the couch where I recovered. I then got dressed and he called me a cab.

‘I was mystified. It was a sick pit in my stomach, knowing that I was out of control over the last undetermined amount of time. And that I was undressed, while he was in a white robe, and how had I gotten there?

This story doesn’t end here. Head on to DailyMail for full details of the story.