Mrs Carter the Voodoo Queen?

This is really something to chew on (and promptly spit out if you find it distasteful!).

According to an article on, a really angry (or something) guy who claims to be Jay Z’s nephew took to twitter yesterday to put the rapper on blast.

According to this NEPHEW, Beyonce who is probably ‘using some voodoo shit’ instructed Jay Z to disown his family.

The guy was really on the roll and said quite a lot before the twitter account he used was deactivated a few hours after the tweets came up. See the said tweets and translation below.

tweet blast and voodoo

You changed man. Your life ain’t the same since that bitch came in. Now you think your family is Tina, Solo, Julez. We aren’t let in your home.

You won’t forgive Aunt Mickey, but you forgave your bitch’s drunk sister. After she hit you like a bitch – man for the world to see.

Because she doesn’t want you around your family and you say “yes” like you’re some puppet. You spend your birthday in Iceland so we wouldn’t get invited.

Shit Mama Gloria doesn’t find it weird. She likes that bitch [Beyonce]. She tells TT and crew not to be immorial in school. She says ‘be like Beyonce. She lost her innocence to your uncle’. Wait until your 21. Maybe that’s why you’re still in?

I de-virgined over 4 chicks. No strings attached.

You are probably under some voodoo shit she did to you. She is always in New Orleans (Voodoo Kingdom) anyway. You need to be brother Jay again not this wuss.