The Big Brother Africa 2013 show “The Chase” finally came to a grand close on the 25th August, 2013 after a total of 91 days of pure entertainment, scheming, fun and mischief (plus the dull moments here and there of course) in the house.
Of the top 5 housemates left, Nigerian representatives Crazy Beverly and then Melvin the Gentleman were the first to be evicted from ‘The Chase’. Melvin’s early eviction was quite a shock to many as we all thought that he would be hard to displace at the finish line.
Ghana’s Elikem claimed not only third place, leaving Zambia’s Cleo and Namibia’s Dillish in the house trying to be brave, he also took home the total prize package of USD 10 000 for the “Most Romantic Gesture” in the BBAHouse which includes;
– a five-night, all expenses paid stay in a luxury room at the Sarova White Sands Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya with anyone he chooses to take (and of course he chose PokiPokello).
– two return air tickets courtesy of Rwanda Air as well as spending money.
When Cleo was eventually announced as the last to be evicted from the race, the beautiful Dillish Matthews, became weak at the knees and cried with joy! All ex-housemates who had been evicted before the grand finale poured into the house to celebrate with her and the most happy of them all was Maria, Dilish’s BFF from Namibia who was also in the running for the money.
Congratulations Dilish! We hope you make your dreams come true and buy that family home you’ve been yearning for!


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