If Kanye set out to totally blow Kim away with a gi-normous, breathtaking 15-Carat diamond that also managed to exceed the large creation that Kris presented to Kim, there’s no question that he definitely succeeded — but what about Beyonce’s ring? In 2008, JAY-Z proposed to Queen Bey with an 18-carat, flawless emerald-cut diamond.

Beyonce’s Bling Kim’s Sparkler



At first glance, there’s no denying the fact that the rings are both gigantic and composed of flawless diamonds, not to mention that they are both creations of Lorraine Schwartz.

Taking a closer look however, you can see that Kim’s appears to be more of a cushion-cut, while Beyonce’s is more emerald. There’s also the difference of the bands. While Beyonce’s thin band is visible, Kim’s ring does seem to be “floating” on her ring finger.

Now that you have seen both rings, it’s obvious that Beyonce’s ring is bigger, however we want to know which sparkler YOU like better. It’s a battle of the bling! VOTE.