Tavon White’s infamous reputation at the Baltimore City Detention Center in Maryland was so huge that he was able to convince four female prison guards to have sexual relationships with him while he awaited trial for attempted murder.

The prison guards who White had sex with and impregnated are Jennifer Owens (31) Katera Stevenson (24) Chania Brooks (27) and Tiffany Linder (27).

White was also able to use his baby mommas to smuggle contraband into the prison and fund his Black Guerrilla Family operation. He was accused of “corrupting” the female officers through personal and sexual relationships and other bribes and convincing them to join his ring. According to cbsnews.com, two of the women impregnated by White were found to have tattooed his name on their bodies. He was also reported to have showered three of them with expensive gifts, including cars and jewelry, using these to secure their attention

The FBI is currently investigating White and the prison authorities.