Apple -no more shattered screens for iPhone users?!

Apple’s new technology is ray of sunshine to many owners of iPhones!

Apple has developed (and awarded a patent for) a new technology with the aim of protecting fragile smartphone screens from shattering when they fall.

Sounding like something from the movie Matrix, What the technology will do is to automatically calculate “an estimated point of impact by vibration the moment a phone starts to fall and move the center of gravity to avoid the sensitive parts of the phone such as the front screen from hitting the ground.”

The smartphone technology will boast of an internal sensor which will detect the movement and location of the phone, calculates the distance, angle, and speed of the fall and sends a falling signal, which in turn activates the protective mechanism.

This means that less fragile parts of the smartphone like the sides of the phone or the back will hit the floor instead.

Just imagine; your iPhone falling (in s-l-o-o-o-w motion) and Apple’s new technology kicking in and working like a furious robot to save the ‘life’ of your phone?!

Before you get too excited, an Apple insider reported that “While Apple’s most recent iPhone 6 and 6 Plus incorporate bespoke linear oscillating motors that do not use an eccentrically connected rotational mass, previous models did, meaning the patent could easily be worked into an upcoming variant,”.

I’m soo getting an iPhone!