Tragedy is what struck Newlyweds Amber Marie Bellows, 28, and husband Clayton Butler 29.

While having a nice time base-jumping in Zion National Park in Utah on Feb. 1, Clayton had to helplessly watch his wife fall 2000 ft to her death.

Amber had jumped over the Mount Kinesava plateau  (which is approximately, 3,000 feet from top to bottom, with a 1,000-foot sheer cliff on its east-facing side) and tried to activate her parachute when it failed to open. Her husband leapt off the mountainside just after his late wife but could not help her. 

Unfortunately, by the time Butler was able to notify authorities of his wife’s tragic accident it was already too late for park service officials to perform an extraction.

It was not until Sunday morning Amber’s body was airlifted by helicopter out of the park. Her body was flown out and placed in an awaiting ambulance after the helicopter had landed.

Newly weds, Butler and Amber Marie, show off marriage certificate

Bellows’ death has hit both the skydiving and base-jumping communities hard as she was linked to skydiving groups such as Skydive Utah in Erda, and Skydive Ogden. Representatives from both groups said they were too upset to release any official statements.