Amaechi , Governor of Rivers State criticized the Federal Government on Monday over Nigeria’s centenary celebration.

Amaechi who spoke while addressing members of the state House of Assembly on the state of the nation, queried the rationale behind such celebration. He declared that the celebration of Nigeria’s centenary was unnecessary because Nigerians are living in fear of terrorism, hired assassins and armed robbery, and other basic living challenges.

Amaechi said in his address:

“What do our people feel and see when they get out of their houses in the morning? Sadly as leaders, we must admit the truth, which stares us in the face. It is the fact that our country is drifting perceptibly into a dangerous waterfall.

“Even in Abuja, most Nigerians who ordinarily would have been the chief celebrants (chief hosts) went about their daily chores while the others struggled at petrol stations trying to fill their tanks almost completely oblivious of the trappings of what should have been a grand announcement of our coming of age.

“Gradually but noticeably, Nigerians appear to have lost the appetite to celebrate anything. Embedded in our new-found affinity for low key celebration and an infinite state of sober reflection is the true state of the nation.

“Can we really celebrate when our children are being slaughtered while at school? Can we really celebrate when our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters are being slaughtered like chickens?

“Can we really celebrate when our fellow citizens live in constant and growing fear of kidnappers, hired assassins and armed robbers? Can we really celebrate when those constitutionally empowered to protect us turn their fury on us?

“In these questions lie the state of the nation. Where is the country headed? Where will the country be in another 100 years? What legacy are we leaving behind for our children?”


If only these questions can be truthfully answered.