Akon to help provide light for one million households in Africa


Born Aliaune Badara Akon Thiam, five-time Grammy nominated artist Akon has launched Akon Lighting Africa partnership to bring electricity to one million households in Africa by the end of 2014.

Akon told Eurweb.com;

“We’re already close (providing electricity) to 200,000 and the movement has just started. In America sometimes, the concept of having that opportunity to be able to go back to Africa and invest and be a part of Africa’s growth has been really kind of quiet.

This is a way to open everyone’s eyes to do it. I’m utilizing this opportunity and I’m promoting it like I would promote my album or record or anything of that nature.”

Statistics show that more than two-thirds of the population of sub-Saharan Africa is without electricity and more than 85 percent of those living in rural areas lack access.

Akon went on a nine day tour of nine African nations that “needed the electricity in the rural areas that was like desperately in need”, including Mali, Gabon, Congo and Senegal -the country where he was raised.

Akon and his partners have worked out a plan for the financially underdeveloped nations and the people living there to be able to afford the electricity. They have entered into an agreement with a company in China that manufactures solar panels.

“We created a system to where we could do a pre-paid system and the countries can do yearly payments until they pay off the debt,” he said.

He also revealed that they have gotten offers from officials in 10 other African countries that don’t have a highly developed economy to start tours the end of April. He says they too have expressed a willingness to be a part of the electricity initiative.