Japanese Invents AgencyGlass

There’s hardly a day (or week) that passes by that a Japanese would come up with one weird invention or the other!

A few months ago All News+ treated you to one of these inventions “True Love Tester Bra; a bra which only unlocks if its true love. (Read all about it at “Do I Love You Enough To Get Some?“).

This time, Japanese scientist Hirotaka Osawa has just unveiled a pair of digital eyes called “AgencyGlass”.  AgencyGlass is worn like spectacles to (uhm….)  express whatever emotion you’re feeling when you wear it.

“I wanted to build eyewear capable of carrying out social behaviors for humans” -Osawa

Japan Daily Press reports:

AgencyGlass is pretty much like wearing two miniature TV screens mounted on spectacle frames. As you might have already guessed, the two screens display the eyes of the user conveying what sort of emotion was pre-chosen. In concept, the system is set to cut down on the user’s emotional output, comparable to a mechanical reducing the human output for physical labor.

AgencyGlass does this by carrying out the user’s eye movements for them. There are two organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens – these connected to motion sensors and an external camera – show a pair of eyeballs that can appear to be making eye contact while the wearer is looking somewhere else entirely. Still not convinced? Well, you are not alone.

But Osawa – hailing from the renowned Tsukuba University – is quite convinced that his invention has merit. He says that AgencyGlass may be usable by flight attendants who are dealing with irritating passengers, or even teachers who want to project an image of kindness towards shy students. Of course, the user has to choose the specific emotion they want to convey in advance before putting the glasses on.

“As the service sector grows and becomes more sophisticated, it becomes increasingly important that we behave by showing understanding to others,” Osawa said. “That requires us to behave differently from our true feelings.” The glasses weigh around 100 grams with a battery that lasts roughly an hour. Osawa said his prototype of AgencyGlass cost just over 30,000 yen (290) to make.

So what do you think? Would you buy this pair of glasses? Tell us why or why not.