Mall explosion probably timed to football match schedule

As Nigerian football fans were settling down to watch the match between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and Argentina yesterday at the Emab Plaza in Abuja, an explosion ripped through the mall.

The mall explosion which instantly claimed over 20 lives has been blamed on Islamic extremists, Boko Haram.

One eye witness was of the opinion that the bomb was dropped at the entrance to the mall by a motorcyclist. A suspect was shot by Soldiers as he tried to escape on a power bike and police detained a second suspect.

A lucky man who cheated death by mere minutes was stunned by the mall explosion. Just before the explosion occurred, Shuaibu Baba arrived at the mall with his driver. He had asked the driver to go into the mall with him but the driver said he would wait in the car. After the mall explosion, he rushed outside only to find that the driver was dead.

Police Superintendent Frank Mba confirmed as at the time of this report that 17 people were wounded and 21 bodies were recovered from the mall explosion.