If you woke up one beautiful fine morning and get a thousand roses delivered to you, how would you feel?

Just when we were hoo-ing and ahhh-ing over a thousand roses Kanye West gifted his love and baby mama, Kim Kardashian, on Valentine’s day, Jason Derulo yanked the rug from beneath our feet!

The gorgeous gorgeous singer Derulo wanted to make the love of his life Jordin Sparks, feel soo special that he had 10,000 pink roses delivered to her suite. TEN THOUSAND!!!

a thousand roses
Sparks and Derulo surrounded by some of the roses

As if that wasn’t enough, Derulo tweeted

“I only wish I could have fit 10,000 more in here… Valentine’s everyday!”

Jordin sparks was so touched and amazed by the grand gesture. “They’re so beautiful. Omg,” she tweeted. Beautiful soul that she is, she spread the love that day by donating many  of the bouquets to the hotel’s staff and guests before taking a few home.

Pssssst! Why don’t you share how you spent your Vals or what you got with us?



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